Ricardinho: "For work, I am a Christian, by game, Messi"

The Portuguese player of Inter Movistar passed the microphones of The Transistor of Onda Cero after winning the Spanish Cup in Ciudad Real.

The Inter Movistar Ricardinho player passed through the microphones of El Transistor de Onda Cero after winning the Spanish Cup title against El Pozo Murcia this weekend. The Portuguese star, currently considered the best soccer player in the world, shared the experiences of the 'green machine' and also accepted the comparisons made on him with soccer players 11.

On this comparison, Ricardinho acknowledged that he is quite identified with Cristiano Ronaldo although his way of playing is more similar to that of Messi. "Although I do not know Messi much, for work I identify more with Cristiano, but also compare me to Messi when it comes to playing for being short and to be playing with the ball always stuck to the foot." However, he declined to change the track on the grass. "I did not think about being Messi, I played soccer until I was 14. It used to be more physical and I missed the opportunity." Ricardinho also commented that football has helped many great players demonstrate their talent on a football field. "Ronaldinho started in football, Neymar, Ronaldo Nazario and Messi, as well. In South America, they usually go from football to football, and in the technical room they are a bit ahead of the others in football. Although the Portuguese believes that the reverse step right now is very complicated. "Fifteen years ago, a lot of former players were playing football, but today it would be impossible. You have to adapt to a faster, more intense sport ... it's very difficult to take the step."

Ricardinho also spoke of the offer he received to play in Croatia and refused to stay in Inter Movistar after a contract renewal. "I have a contract with Inter 2 years more, Garcia told me I'm the son of the house and he wants me to put an end to my race here," Inter said. Now we have taken a step back in that decision, in the future we do not know. " The Portuguese crack also had good words for the president of Inter, the journalist José María García. "We talked to him after the scolding that we threw after the game against Catgas, we knew we had played very badly and that we had to give more in a Cup with a very high level, it is always very sincere, but it was not the right moment to say The most important thing is that we give him what he wanted most, the Cup. Whenever I play a regular game, he scolds me a little bit.I like that, tell me things in the face.It is the general of the troops and It says what we have to do. "

Finally, Ricardinho said that the celebration of the phone he made this weekend after scoring his goals in Ciudad Real "was dedicated to Sergio Ramos. I talk to him sometimes, he is an example for everyone, he always gives the face, and he is a It's a pleasure to repeat your gesture. " Nevertheless the player of Oporto did not want to unveil his favorite equipment of the Spanish league. "I do not have a club in Spain, but they kill me. I have friends in Atletico, in Madrid ... We represent a team that is not a football club but that can be joined with one soon (for rumors of the agreement with Atletico Madrid "). Finally, he recognized the main objective of the UEFA Futsal Cup: "We want that title, we escaped last year."
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